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 Salvador De Salvia

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PostSubject: Salvador De Salvia   Salvador De Salvia Icon_minitimeThu Jan 09, 2014 5:30 am

Name: Salvador De Salvia

Gender: Male

Age: 38

Personality: Having spent most of his 20's and 30's as a soldier in the Vytal Armed Forces, "lenient" would not be a word to describe this man. At his age, and with everything he's had to endure, not many people would consider Salvador a friend. More of a, "Mean Old Drill Sergeant". (Although, Salvador was never a Drill Sergeant; in all his years, Sal actually made it to Gunnery Sergeant. No higher.) This isn't to say that Salvador never speaks or is anti-social, to the contrary, actually. To those younger than him, he acts like a stern, old, grandfatherly figure. If they're older, or around the same age as he, he'll show a bit more respect and equality.... Disrespect him, though, and the Old Dog's gonna bite back. There's an air of seriousness about Sal, and he clearly shows it when he walks and talks. This man's been through too much to just cut loose easy. When he was younger, Salvador was prone to outbursts of unexplained anger; now that he's gotten along in his years, however, he's learned more self control.

Bio: From a young age, being a Huntsman was all Salvador ever wanted, his admiration for the brave people first manifesting when his town was beset by a small herd of Ursa. About six or so of the massive, brutish Grimm. Salvador took cover up in a tree, and watches as the Grimm Hunters took on, and prevailed against the monsters. From there, Salvador's path had began; but just as easily as it had started, it stopped. Sal attempted to enter Signal Academy, a feat he thought easy. There was no doubt, the young man had potential, except that he was lacking in one vital area: He had little to no Aura. Whatever little energies he had, though, Salvador had enough control over it to form a shield of sorts, wrapped around his body to protect himself. Regardless of having little Aura, Salvador took classes at Signal. He finished out three and a half years of combat school before dropping out. Did he make a weapon? No, he spent more of his time in the close combat, hand to hand classes. Now, Salvador knew that with little to no Aura, and with only three and a half years of combat school, He'd never make it into Beacon, or any other of the higher tier combat schools. Down and just a bit depressed at the prospects of his future, Salvador's pick-me-up savior came in the form of his Great Uncle, A Recruiter for the Vytal Military.

Sal's Uncle gave the young guy a bit of a slap around, just to get him back on his feet and back to his senses. Once that was over, the Older man gave Salvador a few small hand books to read, as well as an address to go to once he'd finished reading. Salvador did as he was told, and when he'd finished reading the hand books, he went to the address his Uncle had given him. It was no surprise the address belonged to the recruiting facility his Uncle worked at. Salvador's uncle put him through the basics of the recruitment process, and after a few months or so, sent him off to a military training facility, located somewhere outside of Vale. Basic training took about four months, and when his time was up, Salvador decided to specialize, taking another four months to better train himself; better gear, better tactics, more advanced fighting styles. It wasn't long before Salvador, a scrawny little kid from some small time town, became one of Vytal's Elite. A Special Operations soldier in Vytal, and by extension Vale's, Armed Forces (He was the squad medic, but a Spec. Ops. Soldier nonetheless). In the beginning years, there wasn't much going on; there were no real, major conflicts to be fighting in, no wars, no skirmishes between the five kingdoms. Some problems with Faunus once in a while, but nothing serious. Most of the time, Sal and his team were posted with the protection duty of watching over a small town or settlement, fighting off any Grimm until proper defenses could be built up. When the White Fang suddenly went from peaceful to violent, Salvador's squad was called up for more important tasks. Covert missions against the Fang and their operatives. By then, Sal was already well into his 30's, and try as he might, with the amount of stress he went through with every mission, the man seemed to be aging just a bit faster.

During a particular recovery mission, Salvador's squad was tasked with the Safe Recovery of some big time Dust company CEO. Everything was going fine throughout most of the mission, they even managed to find and rescue the CEO. That's where things started to go south. Almost in the clear, they all were, when the CEO's arm started beeping. The Fang agents they were trying to escape had chipped the CEO, of all things. Apparently, they'd passed the security line. A fire fight broke out, with a good many of the White Fang soldiers sent against them being gunned down. A few men in Sal's squad got shot during the escape. The L.t. in charge of the Op. ordered Sal to leave them, Salvador said no. In going back and rescuing his injured squad mates, Salvador had disobeyed his L.t.'s commands, and although he received a medal for his efforts, the L.t. held a pretty bad grudge. Through much bribery, and words spoken with a deceitful, silver tong, the L.t. somehow managed to have Salvador discharged from duty. It wasn't honorable, nor dishonorable, Salvador was simply discharged. A year later, Salvador found some work as a Mercenary, enforcing local street gangs, taking pay for defending a convoy or village from Grimm attacks here and there. In two years time, Salvador met his wife, a hard working supply store owner by the name of Ann Hale. Together, the two had children, twins Solomon and Jenna, both 2 years of age. It wasn't long before Salvador decided that a Merc's life wasn't the right one anymore, especially since he was a husband, and the father of two. Hanging up his Mercenary's flag, Salvador took to private security jobs, getting legal contracts as a night or day guard. Recently, Salvador's contracting has found it's way into the hands of Beacon Academy officials. He never got to go to school there, but now, there's a chance Sal's gonna be one of it's newest security personal.

Physical Appearance: Salvador stands at a good 6'5 (1.9812 Meters exactly), weighing about 280 lbs (127.00586 Kilo's exactly). The amount of training he's had has given Salvador a large soldiers build. Years of having to wear heavy military armor has only added to his muscle mass and strength. Even though he's 38 years old, Salvador looks much older, close to a man in his early 50's for some reason. A combat accident has given Salvador a large burn scar on the right side of his body, most of it on his right arm and partially on his neck and face. His hair style is easily military; cut short, and grey in color. Sal's got a serious look about him most of the time. This can deter people from looking him in the eye sometimes.

Clothing/Armor: When on his off time, Salvador will usually wear a grey t-shirt with yellow rimming on the sleeves. He'll also wear a dark, Sage green leather jacket over the t-shirt. Sal also wears grey-black pants, held up by a worn, green leather belt. The belts' buckle has the image of a large caliber round imprinted on it. Salvador's foot wear includes, but is not limited to, a pair of workmans boots, black in color, and a bit scuffed up and aged. Sal's pant legs hang over the tops of the boots. When on duty, Salvador wears a set of armor, looking like THIS.

Semblance: Because of his low Aura reserves, Salvador's semblance isn't anything special. Relying more on his combat prowess and weapons, Sal's semblance is the ability to generate a simple shield around himself. Against fire-arms and blunt force weapons, the shield will hold strong for a good while (A baseball bat takes 4 swings to break the shield, a regular pistol takes about 7 rounds), however, once the shield "breaks", Salvador will have to run for cover, and wait for his Aura to re-charge, and with it, his shield. (A fully grown Ursa can break the shield with a swing of its paw. A Beowolf can break the shield with two swings of it's claws. Anything bigger than both can break Sal's shield easily.)

Color Represented: Dark, Sage Green.

Fairy Tail Represented: The Boots of Buffalo Leather.

Emblem: The Image of a Single, Large Caliber Rifle bullet. It can be seen on his belt-buckle.

Miscellaneous Info: Salvador suffers from chronic pain in his chest. He doesn't know what it's from, but coughs an awful lot. Because of this, he'll sometimes be seen taking pain-suppressing pills; two, each day, from a small, grey bottle he carries with him. Other than that, nothing much.[/i][/i]
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PostSubject: Re: Salvador De Salvia   Salvador De Salvia Icon_minitimeThu Jan 09, 2014 7:13 pm

I'm really diggin' the creativity in non-student characters you guys are dishin' out. Accepted.

"I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for what I am not.
-Kurt Donald Cobain

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Salvador De Salvia
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