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 Nero Kaminari

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PostSubject: Nero Kaminari   Nero Kaminari Icon_minitimeWed Jan 08, 2014 11:22 pm

Name: Nero Kaminari. People also tend to call him Sparky even though it irritates him.

Gender: Male

Age: Appears to be 24, but his real age is unknown.

Personality: Nero, while serious about his work and training, tends to be a very laid back man. He is usually mutual towards others, treating them with respect if they give theirs in return. Nero is usually calm, but contains a high respect for discipline and punishment. Some people question his training methods, which can get very brutal. Nero is a very fierce opponent due to his hard work put into his years of training. If someone were to ever harm one of his friends, or students he will gladly defend them. Nero is quite afraid of water due to his abilities.

Bio: Nero grew up on his own in the slums of Vale. His family had left him at an orphanage when he was an infant. The only thing his mother had given him was a bronze ring that had the initials N.K engraved within it. By the age of six he ran away from the orphanage, feeling that he only belonged to his mother. He then quickly learned that in order to survive in the slums, you must know how to fight. Nero had learned this the hard being beaten to the point where he was hospitalized. One of the doctors there had made Nero his experiment. The doctor had infused lightning dust into Nero's blood. The result of this was a blackout, and Nero escaped from the hospital.

Nero had then enrolled Signal Academy where he begun his training to become a Hunter. At Signal he begun training with a private teacher, creating his own form of martial arts because he was good with no other weapon. After his years at Signal, he was accepted into Beacon Academy. There he perfected a new martial arts, taught by his Master, as well as gaining control over his lightning dust powers.

Now Nero is a private teacher at Beacon, preparing certain students for future hardships. He still cherishes the bronze ring his mother had left with him. However he now takes up a new apprentice, hoping to change him.

Physical Appearance: Nero has short, straight black hair styled in an undercut and sharp, but calm grey eyes. Nero stands at about 5'7'', his complexion is rather fair, not too tan, not too pale. He still has scars around his body from the beatings he received in his youth. He also always has a calm expression on his face, even if he's angry. His veins occasionally tend to glow, due to his blood being infused with lightning dust.

Clothing/Armor: Nero can be found wearing a black pinstriped suit, that seems to never get dirty no matter what the cause. Underneath his suit jacket he wears a red dress shirt. Around his neck he wears a black tie, which he always seems to be tightening. On his feet he wears a pair of dress shoes. Covering his hands are a pair of gloves, which keep him from shocking people at random.

Semblance: Nero has the ability to generate, manipulate, and transform into lightning due to the infusion of lightning dust in his bloodstream. However if Nero comes into contact with water, it not only weakens him, but could also kill him.

Color Represented: Black

Fairy Tail Represented: The Master and His Pupil

Emblem: A white circle with a black lightning bolt on the inside.

Miscellaneous Info: N/A
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Alex Barkhorn
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PostSubject: Re: Nero Kaminari   Nero Kaminari Icon_minitimeThu Jan 09, 2014 7:15 pm

As always, I am skeptical. But I'll be keepin' my eye on you, so he's accepted.

"I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for what I am not.
-Kurt Donald Cobain

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Nero Kaminari
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