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 Welcome to Red Like Roses: A RWBY RP Forum!

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Alex Barkhorn
Alex Barkhorn

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Welcome to Red Like Roses: A RWBY RP Forum! Empty
PostSubject: Welcome to Red Like Roses: A RWBY RP Forum!   Welcome to Red Like Roses: A RWBY RP Forum! Icon_minitimeWed Nov 20, 2013 12:09 am

Hello! And welcome to the RWBY RP Forum! This is a place where RWBY fans can come and create their own Characters, Weapons, and Teams! We thank you for checkin' us out and hope you enjoy your stay!

Of course, this wouldn't be a proper forum without rules. So, let's get right into it!

  1. Respect your peers.
    I would like it if the entire world got along, I really would, but we all know that can happen. I do ask that you respect your fellow users and refrain from teasing, insulting, picking on, or ganging up on a particular user. If there is a problem with someone, let an Admin or a Mod know right away.

  2. Don't cause a scene.
    This kinda goes in line with the previous rule. Most drama tends to happen around others, so we ask that you don't cause a ruckus and ruin the mood for others around you. Again, if there is a problem, talk to an Admin or Mod about the issue.

  3. No Smut
    I'm completely okay with shipping and a bit of intimacy here and there between Character's. Just make sure it doesn't cross the line, otherwise there will be serious consequences.

  4. Relationships
    We all know that having character interactions is fun, and can show a lot of development when having romantic relationships with others, but try not to make it habitual to ignore other users or revolve the topic around two dating characters. On top of this, if you are in control of a canon character, and have them date your OC, you will be asked to have the two split up and will be given a warning.

  5. Do not troll.
    It's nice to joke around now and again, but if you're one of those folks that just messes with people for the lol's, we'll make sure you're given a strict talkin' to. Keep it up, and you'll be banned for a determined amount of time. Three strikes, you're out and banned for good.

  6. No God-Modding.
    Seriously, and don't make your characters these huge tank-like beings that are over-powered. They're unrealistic, even by RWBY-verse standards, bland, and, frankly, can get annoying very fast.

  7. No Mary Sue's/Gary Stu's. We expect effort put into your characters and your posts. Be original! Honestly, this is a universe where a scythe and a sniper are the same weapon. While there are rules, there's still a lot of room to be original.

  8. Third and Fourth Year Students
    If Beacon and other schools of the like are like standard Secondary Education schools, then that means there are the lowerclassmen, and upperclassmen. It would then be safe to assume that the third and fourth year students would be very experienced, much more so than their lowerclassmen. All users can make first and second year students, but if you would like a third or fourth year student, you must follow the correct procedures to do so - This means a much more detailed bio and an RP sample, which will be explained in the Character Sheet in the Character Creation section. The character must pass a majority vote of Mods and Admins to be accepted. This is not something to piss you off, but merely something to fix balance. We wouldn't want someone creating an over-powered character with Mary Sue/Gary Stu behaviors.

  9. Fighting other users.
    In-game, so to speak, try and be fair when you're fighting in game. Keep things realistic. It's a lot to ask for, but not everyone is always a winner or a loser. Now, taking this a step further by engaging in an unfair or unwanted fight with someone else will get you in trouble. You'll be given a single warning. Mess up again, and an Admin will go and perform an instant-KO attack on you. They are enforcers of the sites rules, so to speak, so will be given permission to enforce those rules via humiliation.

  10. Warnings and Bans.
    And now we get to the knitty-gritty. You'll be given a total of five warnings, and will lose one based on Moderator and Administrator discretion. The first time you lose all your warnings, you will be banned for a dictated amount of time, before being able to return, but will return to a level 3 warning, instead of starting fresh at level 5. Lose those chances, and you'll be banned again, for longer. You'll return at a level 1. This is your chance to stop doing what's been getting you banned. After the last chance, you will be permanently banned. Word of advice: Mods and Admins can see your IP's.

  11. Rules.
    Admins have the right to change, add, or remove rules at their discretion, after having discussed it among the others. If you feel an Admin or Mod is abusing their power, discuss it with a different Mod/Admin in private.

And that's that! We all encourage you to follow these rules so that everyone may have the best possible experience, build characters, friendships, and have fun!
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Welcome to Red Like Roses: A RWBY RP Forum!
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